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Key Ability Scores Can Suck It

September 27, 2011
For DMs

Okay, let’s do this one quickly. Listen up. I got drawn into a discussion on Twitter this morning about Monte Cook’s first Legends and Lore column and about skills in 4E. A few folks brought up The Religion Problem and, honestly, this one was new to me. “Where have you been, Angry?” I know,...
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Defining Your Game

August 14, 2011
Setting the PCs Up to Fail

You know what pisses me off? I know what you’re thinking: everything. And yes, that’s true. But it was a rhetorical question as a lead in to a point. So just go ahead and say “I don’t know, Angry DM, what pisses you off?” And then I can say “people who say ‘I had...
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Tearing 4E a New One Addendum

February 22, 2011
The D&D Boss Fight

Between comments, Twitter conversations, direct messages, and e-mails, it turns out I struck a few nerves and raised a few questions with my latest article (Tearing 4E a New One: Short Rests and Encounter Resources), so I’ve thrown together a hasty sort of clarification/defense/justification/apology/further insult. If you haven’t read the article, this won’t make...
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Tearing 4E a New One: Short Rests and Encounter Resources

February 22, 2011
For DMs

Wherein the Angry DM takes a very critical look at encounter resources, short rests, and what they are doing to your game for better or for worse.
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Angry is Coming!

April 1, 2015