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Popcorn Initiative: A Great Way to Adjust D&D and Pathfinder Initiative with a Stupid Name

September 13, 2013
Setting the PCs Up to Fail

All right, kiddos, I am breaking from my usual game of writing thousands and thousands of words tell you how to run a game in exhausting detail (deliberate word choice, don’t correct me). Instead, I’m going to throw a house rule at you. Use it. Don’t use it. I don’t care. I’ve been using...
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Tearing 4E a New One: Short Rests and Encounter Resources

February 22, 2011
For DMs

Wherein the Angry DM takes a very critical look at encounter resources, short rests, and what they are doing to your game for better or for worse.
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Everyone’s A Leader In Their Own Way

July 31, 2010
For Players

A few weeks ago, the Angry DM ran his virtual mouth off on Twitter, calling D&D a 'competitive team sport'. But if D&D is a team sport, where is all of the teamwork and sportsmanship?
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Angry is Coming!

April 1, 2015