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The Hearts of Cormyr

March 31, 2013
The Hearts of Cormyr

Despite being incredibly busy with work (I’m an accountant, it is tax time in the United States, I will say no more), I have been trying to playtest a few ideas for D&D 4E combat that I had been working on just before the D&D Next news hit. Yes, it has been a while....
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Abstract Dungeoneering

January 31, 2013
Setting the PCs Up to Fail

So, Twitter-friend @BrannonHutchins has been having some mapping troubles this week. His PCs are going to be exploring a big old library. But the space seems a bit too big and too empty to be worth going through the minutae of exploring (and mapping) every single room. Meanwhile, my PCs are going to be...
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D&D Idea: Oh Christmas Treant

November 29, 2012
Christmas Treant

Now, all the hobbits in Hobbitville liked Yuletide a lot; But the druid who lived just north of Hobbitville did not. He cursed the fool halflings and the whole stupid season; And if anyone asked, he’d tell them the reasons: “Every year,” spoke the druid, “they come into my groves,” “They cut down my...
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D&D Idea: The Orb of Dragonkind and the Blackguard of Tiamat

November 26, 2012
The D&D Boss Fight

An evil wizard has located one of the lost Orbs of Dragonkind and sent agents to retrieve it. The Orb of Red Dragonkind gives the power to summon and enslave red dragons. As an artifact, it cannot be destroyed by normal, mortal means. In this case, it must be consumed by a red dragon...
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