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Gaming for Fun (Part 2): Getting Engaged

February 5, 2014
Taking the Game Seriously

To Recap… Look, my word count is high enough and the first part of this two part extravaganza hasn’t gone anywhere. If you haven’t read it, READ IT. If you’ve forgotten it, READ IT AGAIN. Seriously, put in some f$&%ing effort. You should see how I recap my D&D sessions. However, I will (grudgingly...
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Ransacking Maridia: Via Draygara – The Entryway

October 31, 2013
Cave Map

All right, kids. I know some of you are disappointed that this appears to be another “Overview” thing where I talk about high concepts instead of getting down to the nitty gritty. But it isn’t. Not really. This is damned meaty stuff. There are some major, important ideas that don’t get shown off in...
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Ransacking Maridia: Overview of the Perfect Dungeon Project

October 30, 2013
Cave Map

Want to see a really neat dungeon? Well, I am going to show it to you. But I’ve got my reasons and you need to understand them. I have a point. I always do. And it is always brilliant. So, settle in for a few thousand Angry words. And then, maybe, if you are...
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An Angry Quickie: Flavor Text and Adventure Format

April 19, 2013
For DMs

This will be brief. I posted a rant a few days ago about flavor text and description. I hate the box text that appears in adventures for a lot of reasons and think the whole practice needs to drink some lead-based paint and die. At the same time, Twitter pal @DreadGazeebo was ranting about...
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Abstract Dungeoneering

January 31, 2013
Setting the PCs Up to Fail

So, Twitter-friend @BrannonHutchins has been having some mapping troubles this week. His PCs are going to be exploring a big old library. But the space seems a bit too big and too empty to be worth going through the minutae of exploring (and mapping) every single room. Meanwhile, my PCs are going to be...
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