On Winter’s Edge


A young war hero, Baroness Aralayne, hires a group of mercenaries to help her reclaim her family’s ancestral homeland, a harsh, northern frontier province called Winter’s Egde. But the mercenaries may have gotten more than they bargained for. If the province is to prosper, the Baroness’ agents will have to seek peace with the provinces insular neighbors and defend it from fierce barbarians. But that is not all, for the ruins of an ancient kingdom rich with dark magic are drawing even more dangerous foes to the region.

On Winter’s Edge is a D&D Next Campaign played regularly on Saturday mornings via Google Hangouts and using the Roll 20 virtual table top.

Dramatis Personae

  • Adrienne as Oreithyia “Thyia” Burke, Human Monk of the Path of the Four Winds
  • Jay as Petrov Merrin, Human Wizard, Scholar, and Seeker of Lore
  • Joe as Ugarth, Half Orc Fighter and Sellsword
  • Travis as Daxil “Dax” Loren, Human Rogue Spy, Explorer, and Faithful of Iuon
  • Wesley as Theran Lantadal (Treebark), Elf Druid, Wilderness Guide, and Speaker for the Spirits

The Departed

  • Arden Silva, Human Rogue and Wilderness Guide (Adrienne)
  • Joryn Redstar, Human Cleric of Moradin, God of Community and Craftwork (Joe)


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