Feature articles for DMs and Players.

The D&D Boss Fight (Part 4)

August 20, 2010
The D&D Boss Fight

The Angry DM finally gets his act together and writes down a set of useful rules and guidelines for Boss Monster design and throws in a red dragon as a bonus.
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Schrödinger, Chekhov, Samus

August 15, 2010
For DMs

If you have ever wanted to create a large, site-based super adventure, The Slaughterhouse System is for you. Whether your party is exploring a massive dungeon, reclaiming a ruined city, clearing a valley for settlement, or trying to bring a rioting city under control, the Angry DM has a tool that you can use...
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The D&D Boss Fight (Part 3)

August 7, 2010
The D&D Boss Fight

At long last, The Angry DM finally presents a prototype boss monster. Meet Bloodknuckles.
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Everyone’s A Leader In Their Own Way

July 31, 2010
For Players

A few weeks ago, the Angry DM ran his virtual mouth off on Twitter, calling D&D a 'competitive team sport'. But if D&D is a team sport, where is all of the teamwork and sportsmanship?
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Winning D&D

July 24, 2010
For DMs

The Angry DM steps up to defend his Twitter claims that D&D is a competitive, adversarial, and ultimately winnable game and if you aren't playing it that way, you are a Sissy DM.
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