Ransacking Maridia: Deconstructing Dungeon Design

Articles that gradually reveal the design of The Perfect Dungeon project, an experimenting in building better adventures with advanced scenario and level design techniques.

Ransacking Maridia: Via Draygara – The Entryway

October 31, 2013
Cave Map

All right, kids. I know some of you are disappointed that this appears to be another “Overview” thing where I talk about high concepts instead of getting down to the nitty gritty. But it isn’t. Not really. This is damned meaty stuff. There are some major, important ideas that don’t get shown off in...
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Ransacking Maridia: Overview of the Perfect Dungeon Project

October 30, 2013
Cave Map

Want to see a really neat dungeon? Well, I am going to show it to you. But I’ve got my reasons and you need to understand them. I have a point. I always do. And it is always brilliant. So, settle in for a few thousand Angry words. And then, maybe, if you are...
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