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The Two Faces of Healing

February 3, 2012
For DMs

This is kind of rough and dirty. I’m throwing it out as a quick response to Bruce Cordell’s recent D&D Next article about healing, which you can read here. Of course, just because it’s a quick response, doesn’t mean it is not also a long response because, hell, its me. I’m just warning you...
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A Final, Angry Word

February 25, 2011
For DMs

Because I can never leave well-enough alone, an open letter: Dear People Who Read the Shit I Write: Can someone tell me what the hell happened here? Because I’m confused. Imagine that you are giving a lecture for an anatomy class. You walk up to the podium and you say “today, we’re going to...
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Tearing 4E a New One Addendum

February 22, 2011
The D&D Boss Fight

Between comments, Twitter conversations, direct messages, and e-mails, it turns out I struck a few nerves and raised a few questions with my latest article (Tearing 4E a New One: Short Rests and Encounter Resources), so I’ve thrown together a hasty sort of clarification/defense/justification/apology/further insult. If you haven’t read the article, this won’t make...
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Dragon Age, Session Zero

November 26, 2010

Wherein the Angry DM reviews Dragon Age, insults the English skills of speakers of non-American English, and desperately defends random character generation.
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Setting The PCs Up To Fail

June 23, 2010
Setting the PCs Up to Fail

A week ago, fellow blogger ThadeousC started a blog carnival about whether it was appropriate for DMs to create situations in which flight was the only choice. The Angry DM has finally decided to weigh in.
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