Angry Table Tales

Funny stories from the table of the Angry DM.

Table Tales 2: Customizing for Your Party

November 26, 2012
For Players

Angry: The Slippery Demon Pudding ignores Ragnar completely; it reaches out with a pulsating pseudopod shrouded in yellow-black smoke and slams Baramos with tremendous force. The creature hits… Smartass: Wait… I get to make a basic melee attack. The pudding is marked and its not including me in the attack. Angry: Not in...
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Table Tales 1: Monologue

August 21, 2011
For Players

Angry: The man gives a sinister smile as he steps from the shadows into the middle of the room. “I am surprised you fools found your way here, given that the gods clearly did not see fit to bless you with much intelligence. Perhaps it is merely an accident of chance that brings you...
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