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An Important Message from The Angry DM

March 5, 2015

All right, number one, I’m relaunching the site on April 1st. There will be new art, new content, a new regular update schedule, new features, and new organization. It’s going to be f$&%ing awesome. This is NOT a f$&%ing April Fools Joke. After seven years in social media, I have come to despise April...
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Fine! I Wrote About Speed Factor Initiative in D&D 5E!

February 17, 2015

Here’s the story. I’ve suspended my regular Pathfinder game while I’m neck deep in tax season in favor of running a ten experience level megadungon campaign using D&D 5E. The megadungeon is awesome and yes, I’m planning to share it. Sure, WotC won’t tell anyone what they are and aren’t allowed to write and...
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Dear WotC: Why Do You Suck at Selling Games?

September 17, 2014

Hey guys. Quick note. The second part of the second part of the combat thing needs another pass. So I’m swapping next week’s article that was mostly done for this week and pushing Combat Part 2 off to next week. This article is a little different. It isn’t filled with great advice to make...
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RPG a Day in a Day

August 31, 2014
I Love You, But Someday, I'm Taking You Down

Like most DMs, I work best under pressure. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself. Because, like most DMs, I am lazy and I procrastinate. So I end up doing all of my stuff at the last minute. And it’s just easier to claim that I work better under pressure than to admit...
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What Are Your Thoughts on D&D 5E

July 7, 2014

From my ask.fm page at http://ask.fm/TheAngryDM . The answer to this question was too long, so I have to put it here. Ok, let’s have it. What do you think of 5e/Next? Better? Worse? Just different? – AnonymousI’ll answer this, but here are the caveats. First, I don’t own the Starter Set yet. I can only judge the Basic Rules....
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Angry is Coming!

April 1, 2015