Please see this IMPORTANT MESSAGE from The Angry DM!

An Important Message from The Angry DM

March 5, 2015

All right, number one, I’m relaunching the site on April 1st. There will be new art, new content, a new regular update schedule, new features, and new organization. It’s going to be f$&%ing awesome. This is NOT a f$&%ing April Fools Joke. After seven years in social media, I have come to despise April Fools on the internet and every jacka$& who makes a big deal out of it. Let’s remember that April Fools originated as a way to ridicule and indoctrinate northern European pagan peoples by the Roman Empire by mocking their celebration of the New Year in spring rather than according to the Gregorian Calendar.

So, here’s the deal: this site is going down for maintenance on March 22nd. It will be offline and inaccessible. If there’s anything you need to finish reading, FINISH READING IT! But: although I do plan on trimming some of the dead weight posts, most of the content is coming with me. And all of my articles – EVERY LAST ONE – will be available for download as a PDF. So you won’t be losing anything.

However, some of the media links are now broken due to work on the site and I had to restore a backup to fix some things that got brok… that I was experimenting with. So, there might be some s$%$ missing from the site right now. Sorry, best I can do. I had taken the whole thing down but people kept pissing and moaning, so I put it back up.

Long story short, I’ve put all the PDFs I did have into The Angry DM PDF Collection Folder on my Google thing and you can have them. Grab what you want. Just don’t republish, edit, or break them, again? I do this s$&% for free and all I ask is credit. So give me a break.

So, see you all April 1. Until then, don’t break my f$&%ing site.