The Haunting of Deep Rift Mine, Part 3

September 26, 2013

Dramatis Personae

Adrienne as Orethyia “Thyia” Burke, Human Acolyte of the Path of the Four Winds
Crystal as Kizz, Halfling Exemplar of Avandra
Jay as Petrov Merrin, Human Wizard and Scholar
Joe as Ugarth, Half-Orc Mercenary and Soldier
Travis as Daxil “Dax” Loren, Human Agent of the Librarians of Caleborn
Wesley as Theran Lantadal (Treeskin), Wood Elf Speaker for the Spirits

Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

After their night at the Miner’s Lodge, the party set out for the Deep Rift Mine. The mine consisted of a series of small shacks and work buildings around the shore of a dry lake bed. The entrance to the mine itself was a built-up natural cave.

As the party explored the interior, they found plank paths had been laid down for carts, but the mine itself consisted mostly of natural tunnels. They surmised the ore veins must be deeper in and set to following the cart path.

Odd winds and strange noises as they ventured deeper into the mine. In a large, open chamber where the cart path split, Kizz caught up with the party. She had been trailing a few hours behind the party and was a bit miffed at the party for leaving her behind. She seemed to be feeling much better.

The party followed one branch of the cart path. As they did so, they caught sight of a strange silvery flame, like a candle flame, in the distance behind them. But it vanished.

The party squeezed through a place where the tunnel had partially caved in and was assaulted by giant blue-white spiders with crystaline carapaces. The party made short work of them and found their nest beyond a cleft in the wall near the cave-in. The spiders had “woven” an elaborate crystaline lattice covering the walls of the tall, conical cave. Attempting to break off some of the crystal “web,” Ugarth shattered the crystal like glass. The room was filled with a rain of shattered crystal, but he survived. The party retrieved some crystal and some strange gemstones.

While the party explored the spider lair, Thyia remained outside, guarding Rundulf. Rundulf appealed to Thyia to let him escape and take his chances in the wild rather than be put to death unfairly. Thyia coldly refused to help the man. And then a low growling sound and an icy wind filled the tunnel. Thyia kept calm, but Rundulf panciked and tried to flee the haunted tunnel. Thyia lunged for the man and knocked him out cold to keep him from getting away.

Thyia then went into the spider lair to tell the rest of the party about Rundulf’s attempting escape. They discussed the matter somewhat and finally, Deputy Ilde stepped in. She said his attempted flight was enough for the party to exectute him then and there unless the party thought he was still useful. Dax stepped in and insisted Rundulf was still useful. Ilde pointed out that the law was clear, but she subtly implied the party did have the authority to override the law. The party chose to leave that discussion for another time and move on.

When the party emerged from the spider’s lair, they found the wall of the cave dripping with fresh red blood-like fluid. A messaged had been daubed in the Orcish tongue, which Ugarth translated. Literally, the phrase translated as “take only what you can keep.” But he explained the phrase an idiom. It meant that ownership was determined by what you could sieze and defend with your life. It could also be taken as a threat: you took what is mine and I will kill you to have it back.

On this ominous note, we ended the session…

-Thanks to Joe for keeping a record of funny quotes

(The party encounters a sabre-toothed tiger that growls and postures and tries to scare them away from its territority without attacking right away)
“It’s a passive aggressive saber-toothed tiger.” -Scott
“You know guys, it’s really late. I have work in the morning.” -Wes
“I could totally kill a human. I’m just saying.” -Scott

(Earlier, when the party is given custody of Rundulf)
“So now Rundulf is not going to poop without your permission.” -Scott
“I’m just going to get this out of the way and give your permission to do that whenever you need to.” -Travis

(After Daxil spots the strange ghostly flame in the darkness)
“I point that out to the party.” -Travis
“Rundulf poops.” -Scott
“I probably shouldn’t have given him tacit permission to do that.” -Travis
“He is definitely exercising that permission.” -Scott

(Discussing which way to go)
“So are we going down this way in the spider section?” -Joe
“I like that now this is called the spider section.” -Scott
“You find one spider and now it’s a spider section.” -Crystal
“Better the spider you know than the horrible eldritch horror you don’t.” -Travis

(The orcish message)
“It is written in orcish.” -Scott
“I said: It. Is. Written. In. Orcish.” -Scott


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