Interlude: Changes

September 16, 2013

Dramatis Personae

  • Chris as Gorvak, Urog Warrior
  • Kim as Marayna, Human Monk of the Order of Adami and Faithful of Taiia
  • John as Jace, Human Sorcerer, Gold Dragon Bloodline
  • Jonathan as “Zephyr”, Gray Elf Rogue and Infiltrator
  • Ryan as Morgrym, Dwarf Paladin and Forgelighter of Clan Stoneshield
  • Sean as Terrin, Human Cleric of Wyr, Caelwyn God of Tactics, Strategy, and Honorable Warfare

The Crumbling Halls of the Stormshore Ruins, The Undercity, Vancia
Calodyrsday, Springtide 10, 1,743 Z or the 38th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

After their encounter with the Cranium Rat Hive, the party continued their journey toward the Chamber of the Frozen Flame to drop their stash of supplies in case of future deaths. They discussed the recollections the Cranium Rats dredged up in Morgrym’s mind at length as Esri Fahima’s animated sedan chair brought them on the long journey under the ocean. Most notably, the party was concerned about the “mothers” that had been mentioned in the chamber above the Frozen Flame. They resolved to seek out such a chamber.

The Aberrant Warrens, Unknown
Calodyrsday, Springtide 10, 1,743 Z or the 38th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

The Warrens around the Frozen Flame had changed a bit since the party had last visited. The rock had a glistening sheen and a veiny pattern. In places, a dull throb could be heard and the sounds of strange creatures echoed in the halls. They discovered that the rock was impenetrable. At least with steel as their weapons didn’t leave a mark. They also discovered strange, pulpy egg sacs here and there on the walls. They broke all that they came across, afraid that the aberrations they had encountered previously might be spawning.

The Chamber of the Frozen Flame, Unknown Calodyrsday, Springtide 10 to Maedwynsday, Springtide 11, 1,743 Z or the 38th to 39th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

When the party returned to the Frozen Flame, they found they were not alone. Beside Nasri’s body, a gray elf was being reborn. It was not Adriano (he had been human), nor was it Nasri. Instead it was someone completely new. Also, nearby, a second being was being reborn: a powerful urog warrior.

The gray elf, who gave his name as Zephyr, revealed he had been Adriano and Nasri, but Adriano had gone to confront Savella after parting ways with the party and she and her thugs had gotten the best of him. Zephyr appeared to retain very little of Adriano’s personality otherwise.The urog introduced himself as Gorvak. He explained that, several weeks ago, he had been attacked just like the other members of the party by an agent bearing the Watchtower’s sign. He had managed to best the agent, escape, and evade capture for several weeks. Ultimately, the assassin caught up to him and murdered him and he had been reborn here, just as the other members of the party had been. The party briefed him on their situation and most of what they knew. They realized he had been the sixth corpse to appear from the Frozen Flame in Morgrym’s memory, the one Esri had tried to bring back with her that had ultimately been immolated.

The party then decided to wander The Aberrant Warrens, seeking the chamber above. They split off from Esri’s Arcane Marks into the winding maze of smooth, cylindrical tunnels and were attacked numerous times by horrible abberations, included a gibbering mouther that nearly devoured Morgrym.

The Island of the Twisted Tower, Southeast of Vancia 
Maedwynsday, Springtide 11, 1,743 Z or the 39th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

Eventually, the party find their way to the surface. They discovered they were on a small (currently) stormy island rising out of the ocean. In the distance, bathed in sunlight, they could just make out what they assumed was the City of Vancia, about ten or fifteen miles distant. Dominating the tiny, rocky islet was a twisted tower made of intertwined stone tentacles, about eighty feet tall. It resembled the third strange symbol that Esri had left guides to. Her marks enabled the party to find the City, the Chamber of the Frozen Flame, and the Twisted Tower.

The Tower was disappointing. The interior was simply hollow, surrounded by the wall of intertwined stone tentacles. But the floor of the tower was a wide crater, a perfect hemisphere scooped out of the bedrock of the island. Morgrym and Jace climbed down into the crater and wandered into the center, but they found nothing of interest except that the acoustics of the bowl played strange tricks on them. As they spoke, the echoes bounced around in the bowl and produced an effect similar to that of the gibbering mouther, a confusing babble that penetrated the mind and made it hard to concentrate.

The Aberrant Warrns, Beneath the Island of the Twisted Tower, Southeast of Vancia
Maedwynsday, Springtide 11, 1,743 Z or the 39th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

After discovering the Twisted Tower had no other secrets, the party returned to The Aberrant Warrens to find their way back to Vancia. And then they discovered something was digging new tunnels. They came across a new burrow, smooth and dripping with greenish mucus that was hardening into the impenetrable rock. Marayna touched the mucus and found it instantly adhered to her skin and began to harden. Before it could dry, Marayna was forced to flay much of the skin from her hand and arm to remove it rather than have her hand permanently encased in unbreakable rock. Terrin’s healing magic restored the skin, but the party was growing increasingly disturbed by the events of their day.

However, Morgrym and Marayna both took a moment to encase a mace and one nunchaku in the strange green rock, hoping it would serve some useful purpose. (it made the weapons effectively masterwork and gave them the properties of adamantine weapons (ignoring hardness), but it reduced the damage by 1 because it ruined the weapon’s balance a bit).

And then they found what was digging the tunnels. A massive carapaced worm came up behind them in the Warrens, far too big for them to defeat. They fled for their lives, but when it became clear that Morgrym and Gorvak had no hope of outrunning the thing, Marayna and Jace tried to slow it down. Marayna lept into the thing’s mouth, intending to focus her ki into a stunning blow as she was swallowed to slow the thing while Jace launched a flaming sphere down its throat. The creature vomited convulsively as the flaming sphere entered its gullet, saving Marayna and the party took off while the thing tried to recover. The party eventually lost it in the Warrens.

Using Morgrym’s newfound knowledge of the layout of the Crumbling Halls, the party returned to the streets of Vancia with no further incident and made their way back to Ivy’s Tavern.

Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City, Vancia
Maedwynsday, Springtide 11, 1,743 Z or the 39th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

On their way to Ivy’s, the party noted occasional City Watch patrols in the streets of Minstrel’s Ward. They also noted no one visibly displaying membership in the Redcloaks on the streets. At Ivy’s, the scene was subdued, but also free of Redcloaks. Apparently, in the day-and-a-half that they had been gone, Mirella had reopened the tavern herself and brought a few friends to help her serve and cook. They ate dinner and waiting for the place to close and then spoke to Mirella. While eating, Zephyr mingled with the crowd to check out the local rumor mill (since his relationship to the party was unknown).

Zephyr learned that the party’s reputation had been growing. Several people knew they had helped with the injured after the Sanctuary Disaster and a few knew that Jace had been in the Arena as well. Some knew they were friends of Ivy’s. Zephyr also had learned that about two-dozen people had been killed or lost in the Sanctuary Disaster. Finally, he heard that someone named Lord Thedwick Andoval was giving a speech near the Sanctuary tomorrow and people were suspicious about his motives, but people only seemed to be able to tell him he was a politican.

Mirella was holding out hope that Ivy would return, bolstered by the sudden reappearance of her holy symbol of Maedwyn hanging by the door, but the party told her the truth. Some of it anyway. They told her Ivy was dead, that Cambion had told them so, and that he had left the city. They also gave her the things Cambion had left for her. They were quite tight-lipped on everything else and did their best to offer Mirella some comfort.

Mirella had been running Ivy’s Tavern in her stead already and wasn’t surprised about inheriting it. She apparently knew Ivy had intended to leave it to her at some point. Mirella told the party she had made a break from the Redcloaks who were no longer welcome in the tavern, but that the Redcloaks probably wouldn’t come anyway now that Ivy was gone. She also told the party that she had been detained and interrogated by Firstleaf regarding her relationship with Ivy and Ivy’s involvement in the Sanctuary Disaster. When the party asked, Mirella said that Firstleaf had not mentioned them.

Mirella also revealed that a strange man had been looking for Marayna, Jace, and Morgrym and asked them to meet him if they were interested in some work. He said he’d be at the Arch the next night at midnight, which Mirella explained is a monument in a low-class market and a hangout for derelicts near Swallow’s Bluff.

Finally, the party and Mirella agreed that moving on would be the best. She offered to introduce the party to the landlord of a nearby boarding house if they needed inexpensive lodgings on a more permanent basis.

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