WE Prologue: To Winter’s Edge, Part 5

August 30, 2013

(This session marks the end of this campaign as a D&D Next game. Without going into too much detail, we met as a group and decided that the most recent playtest packet doesn’t really support the character concepts we’d developed or the story we’d been building. Having grown attached to the campaign and the characters, we decided that we were better off stepping out of the playtest with this game and converting to another system. Thus, after this session, the game will become a Savage Worlds campaign. Some of the characters lost some abilities and skills in the transition and gained others, but all of the characters remain true to their original concepts. So, if anything in the future contradicts anything in the past, assume that all of the recaps thus far were told by a drunken Ugarth in a tavern one night and greatly embellished. No one in the party remembers the harpies as shapechanging angels and Theran has never turned into a bear, though he hopes he can someday. Meanwhile, we are talking about possibly continuing the D&D Next playtest through one shots and short arcs and providing our feedback. While we are unhappy with some of the decisions made in the recent playtest, we still all love D&D and feel that D&D Next is moving in a mostly positive direction. It just moved in such a way that it no longer supports the game we were playing with it and we were forced to choose.)

Dramatis Personae

  • Adrienne as Orethyia “Thyia” Burke, Human Monk of the Path of the Four Winds
  • Crystal as Kizz, Halfling Cleric, Wandering Priestess of Avandra
  • Jay as Petrov Merrin, Human Wizard and Scholar
  • Joe as Ugarth, Half-Orc Fighter, Mercenary and Soldier
  • Travis as Daxil “Dax” Loren, Human Rogue, Agent of the Librarians of Caleborn
  • Wesley as Theran Lantadal (Treeskin), Wood Elf Druid, Healer, and Follower of the Spirits

No Strangers to Death

The party escorted Urman and Jona to Highwald. They briefly got to meet the children’s parents as they performed the grim task of turning over Lissa’s body and explaining what happened. Their parents, Jagr and Nassa, were understanding. Nassa was grim and stoic, Jagr was devastated. But they party quickly realized that the villagers of Highwald were not unused to burying their own.

The party discovered that the villagers had long rejected the gods and had turned to the worship of the spirits. Principle among them was a spirit called The Undying One or The Ever Green, the spirit that keeps the forest alive even in the deepest winter. The party also learned that the Deputy to the Reeve of Winter’s Edge, Ilde Bronnasdottir, had been waiting for them in Highwald. She was visitng a woodcutter currently, but would be back within a day or two.

Riddle Me This

The Note - Click for Larger Image

The Note – Click for Larger Image

When Deputy Ilde returned, she introduced herself to the party and explained that the Reeve (the sheriff of the province) had asked her to come meet them. He knew that they were the advance for for Baroness Corianna Aralayne. At the moment, they had not yet told the people of Winter’s Edge that the Baroness was coming to claim the province, but rumors were spreadying nonetheless. Ilde was to escort the party to the town of Winter’s Edge at the center of the province.

She also revealed that she had gone to see the woodcutter because he had not been seen in town for several days. He and his family had been murdered and she found a mysterious note, which she showed the party, but kept.

To Winter’s Edge

After revealing the note, the Deputy, Ilde, lead the party on the long road to Winter’s Edge. The old dirt track wound down out of the highlands along a churning whitewater river and into the tundral plains. The road passed through two small thatched-roof log villages and over an ancient, covered stone bridge and finally to the town of Winter’s Edge.

Winter’s Edge was surrounded by a tall wooden pallisade and spread out over three hills beside a north-flowing river (the same that the party had been following down from the highlands). Atop the largest hill was an elaborate wooden hall and manor with a flagstone foundation and thick, thatched roof. The manor was currently being repaired, aired, and made liveable. Atop a second hill was a squat, columned shrine or temple. It was the only stone building in the town, and it looked long abandonned and forgotten. Tall, narrow windows ran up either side but had been broken out long ago, and they had not been boarded against the elements. No one seemed to go too near to the temple.

The Reeve of the town was out in the frontier, patrolling and visiting the neighboring villages and the town’s Burgmaster (Mayor) was at one of the outlying villages on business (negotiating grain prices and mill taxes, if anyone cares). So the Deputy Reeve, Ilde, helped the party get settled at the Sleeping Bear Inn to await either the Reeve, the Burgmaster, or, if they took too long, the Baroness herself.

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