TWtNW: Repossessed (Part 2)

July 31, 2013

Dramatis Personae

  • Kim as Marayna, Human Monk of the Order of Adami and Faithful of Taiia
  • John as Jace, Human Sorcerer, Gold Dragon Bloodline
  • Ryan as Morgrym, Dwarf Paladin and Forgelighter of Clan Stoneshield
  • Sean as Terrin, Human Cleric of Wyr, Caelwyn God of Tactics, Strategy, and Honorable Warfare

The Capello Family Tomb, Manticore’s Gate, The New City
Lughwynsday, Springtide 9, 1,743 Z or the 37th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

The party continued to clear the tomb, destroying undead, laying spirits to rest, dealing with traps, and collecting treasure. It was very exciting and no one died. Once they finished exploring the tomb, they returned to the House of the Dead.

The House of the Dead, Manticore’s Gate, The New City
Lughwynsday, Springtide 9, 1,743 Z or the 37th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

NecropolisIn the cemetary, the party saw an old human woman, moving between the graves and muttering to herself. She left strange icons on some of the graves, small humanoid shapes made of bound twigs. The party decided to avoid her, though.

Keeper Brenuin thanked the part for their service and offered a brief blessing in the name of Ogmios, the Silent Judge.

The Broken Lantern, Canal Market, The New City
Lughwynsday, Springtide 9, 1,743 Z or the 37th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

The party made their way through the crowded streets of Canal Market to the Broken Lantern, the tavern where they had been told to ask after Koreg. It was a dingy, ramshackle place with a rough crowd. Koreg was not there, but Seven Arrows was.

While the rest of the party made small talk with the bartender and left a message for Koreg, Morgrymm struck up a conversation with Seven Arrows.

She admitted to being suspicious of Morgrymm and the rest of the party, but this apparently came out of a twisted respect for the group. She seemed to think the group was underselling itself by joining the Delvers, who are basically just a group of tomb robbers and looters trying to cash in. When asked why she was involved with the Delvers, she implied that she didn’t have a much better opinion of herself.

Meanwhile, the bartender, a scarred, retired adventurer named Kurad, chatted with the rest of the group. He said that most of the Delvers were just opportunists and scavangers, picking over the ruins for their next big score. He too seemed taken aback with the party’s desire to join their ranks, especially Terrin’s and Morgrymm’s, given their high status. When the party asked about Koreg, he warned them that Koreg didn’t seem to be a typical Delver either.

Kurad said Koreg was ambitious and spent a lot of time building networks and alliances, recruiting others, and building a following. Kurad insisted that Koreg was not a bad guy, that he had morals and standards, but that he was definitely up to something. A social climber. Kurad also told the party that most of the Delver’s rough demeanor, threats, and territoriality were bluffs. They were actually a fairly harmless group, but there were always bad eggs.

Finally, Kurad told the party that he’d set up a meeting with Koreg the next day if one of them wanted to join the Delvers. Mysteriously, he said that, if Koreg offered the new member a drink, whatever suspicions the new member had, they should drink. They’d be safe.

The party decided to head back to Ivy’s Tavern.

The Streets of Minstrels’ Ward, The New City
Lughwynsday, Springtide 9, 1,743 Z or the 37th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

As the party wandered back to Ivy’s Tavern in the late afternoon, the air was suddenly rent with alarm bells. The party could not see where the bells were coming from, but everyone could apparently hear them. Passersby indicated they were used by the City Guard to ring out signals and that the bells indicated an emergency near Devilfish Keep.

As they kept walking, the party was passed by guards and overflown by gryphon riders, indicating that, wherever Devilfish Keep was, it was very near where they were heading. The party didn’t rush. They were still badly injured and exhausted from their adventures in the crypt. And soon they arrived on the eastern edge of Minstrel’s Ward, on the outskirts of a slum neighborhood that seemed to be the focus of the commotion. Citizens, guards, and Redcloaks were dispersing slowly as carrying away the injured. Whatever had happened, it was now over.

The party tried to avoid any involvement and passed the scene by, returning to Ivy’s Tavern.

Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City
Lughwynsday, Springtide 9, 1,743 Z or the 37th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

At Ivy’s Tavern, the party found a Redcloak man trying to comfort a distressed Mirella. Several injured citizens were scattered about the common room and Redcloaks were trying to tend to their wounds. They had come looking for Ivy, but she was nowhere to be found.

Marayna tried to comfort Mirella and discovered what had happened. Apparently, the Sanctury – an underground neighborhood where the poor and homeless congregate, overseen by the Redcloaks – had had some sort of accident. Mirella and her sister, Misara, had lived down there. But Misara had been killed in the accident.

Terrin and Morgrymm tended to the injured, using what healing magic they had left and their first aid skills. From an urog woman named Ch’gura , Morgrymm learned that chuul had broken into the Sanctuary and rampaged through the neighborhood.

ChuulJace struck up a conversation with the Redcloak man who had been talking to Mirella. His name was Traybok and he was a friend of Ivy’s and one of the more moderate Redcloaks. He was able to clarify what had happened. The Sacntuary is a section of the undercity sealed from the rest below a nearby slum district. The Redcloaks provide food, shelter, and aid to the desperately poor of the Sanctuary. But chull – powerful humanoid, crab-like aberrations – had somehow penetrated the Sanctuary on a rampage. The guards had arrived quickly to help the Redcloaks defend the Sanctuary.

When Jace brought up Mirella’s sister, Traybok he had witnessed the death himself. And he had found it strange. Misara had been cornered by one of the chuul when a soldier ran up to protect her. But there was a strange flash of light and the soldier suddenly dropped his weapon and wandered away. The chuul lunged for Misara and tore her apart. Traybok said there had been spellcasters among the Redcloaks and the Watch always have a few spellcasters in an emergency, so it is possible he was struck by a stray spell meant for the chuul.

Picking up on a stray comment Traybok made, Jace asked about Misara a bit more. Traybok said she was very different from her sister. Angry at the world. The two girls had lost their parents years ago and Misara had never recovered like Mirella had. Misara had been a supporter of the more extreme Redcloaks like Savella.

Mirella and Marayna continued to talk, but Mirella grew more agitated and upset. She remembered that Ivy had warned her to stay out of the Sanctuary that morning. Mirella had asked about bringing Misara along and Ivy had dismissed it. Ivy had told Mirella she just had an odd feeling. But Mirella told Marayna that Ivy had always hated Misara and Misara had hated Ivy for some reason. Suddenly, Mirella became convinced that Ivy had somehow known what was going to happen and had wanted Mirella to leave her sister in harm’s way.

While Morgrymm and Terrin continued to tend the injured, the other Redcloaks drifted away. Ivy still hadn’t turned up and the Redcloaks wanted to search for her and sweep the Sanctuary for others who might have been injured or killed. Mirella, fuming now about Ivy, wanted to join the search so she could demand the truth from the elven cleric. Mirella and Traybok left together to search the Sanctuary.

Unsure of what to do, but in dire need of a good night sleep, the party locked up the tavern. They discussed the possibility of cancelling the meeting with Koreg, using the disaster and the need to join the search for Ivy as an excuse while they actually made their way back down to the Frozen Flame.

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