TWtNW: Are You Not Entertained? (Part 2)

July 28, 2013

Dramatis Personae

  • Kim as Marayna, Human Monk of the Order of Adami and Faithful of Taiia
  • John as Jace, Human Sorcerer, Gold Dragon Bloodline
  • Ryan as Morgrym, Dwarf Paladin and Forgelighter of Clan Stoneshield
  • Sean as Terrin, Human Cleric of Wyr, Caelwyn God of Tactics, Strategy, and Honorable Warfare

The Field of Flame and Blood, Canal Market, The New City 
Senuasday, Springtide 6, 1,743 Z or the 34th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

At the arena, the party continues its second and third battles for the delight of the crowd. The second is against a half-dozen archons, elemental soldiers summoned into magical armor. The third is against a giant magma elemental. One by one, the party falls to the magma elemental (though an invisible cleric Arena employee on the battlefield keeps them safe), but Jace manages to finish the lava beast before it finishes him to the delight of the crowd.

After the battle, Seeker Koradai admits he was greatly impressed by the party’s prowess. He indicates that the party is welcome to come back anytime. He further invites Jace to participate in a special exhibition match in a week, a sort of spell-caster’s duel. Koradai asks the party to return the next morning for their purse and, perhaps, a little more.

When the party exits the Arena, a small group of fans are waiting for them. A group of dwarves invite Morgrym to the Understreet for drinks while Jace and Terrin are invited to a large pub with some of their fans. Adriano, sullen and quiet, stalks away from party and mutters something about returning to Ivy’s. Marayna has no desire to join in the merrymaking either.

The Understreet, Canal Market, The New City
Senuasday, Springtide 6, 1,743 Z or the 34th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

The Understreet proves to be a small underground street with several side streets, really a walled-off section of the catacombs that numerous dwarf families have converted into an underground neighborhood. The dwarves are quite friendly and respectful toward the Forgelighter, but they seem a little disappointed to learn he has been in the city for some time and is staying at an inn in Minstrels’ Ward and traveling with humans.

Morgrymm befriended three dwarves in particular: Turag and Kurdak Bronarson and Rilka Gurtasdaughter, all of Clan Stonecunner. They told Morgrymm he was always welcome amongst the dwarves of the Understreet. When Morgrymm asked about Clan Watercourser and the dwarves of Swallows Bluff, however, the tone of the conversation became less friendly. The dwarves would not speak ill of their kin, but it was clear they wanted to and it appears there is some unexplained bad blood between the Watercourses and the Dwarves of the Understreet.

The Broken Standard, Canal Market, The New City
Senuasday, Springtide 6, 1,743 Z or the 34th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

Jace and Terrin had a rousing evening in The Broken Standard, a massive, three story pub across from the arena’s main entrance popular with gladiators and their fans. They learned a little about the arena and some of the fighters, but mostly, they filled their bellies with drink.

Jace and Terrin saw Zaira, the rough, angry looking arena champion they had seen being paraded about days before. She was alone, drinking, and glowering at the crowd and no one dared approach her. After midnight passed, a drunken man wandered up to Terrin and baited him into a fight, which Terrin tried to resist, but eventually, he managed to start a scuffle with the cleric. After Terrin laid a solid punch on him, he gave up, but told Terrin they’d settle their differences in the arena.

A well-to-do merchant man drifted out of the crowd and sat with Terrin and Jace after that. He introduced himself as Tomaj, a knowledgeable fan and gambler. He realized that Jace and Terrin were new to the arena and offered to help them learn the ins and outs of the arena and its fighters in return for any information they could give him from inside the arena. He explained that the drunk had started the fistfight because Terrin and Jace had earned a little renown in their first fight and the drunk wanted to capitalize on it by challenging Terrin in front of a crowd.

The Church of Saint Dialen, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City
Senuasday, Springtide 6, 1,743 Z or the 34th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

Marayna, still troubled, alone, and at a loss now, wandered through the streets. Eventually, she came to the Church of Saint Dialen where Minister Akhna was tending to things. Sensing the young woman had trouble, he invited her in. She told him about the strange voice that had haunted her and tried to help her and her friends and asked for his advice.

Akhna shared some of the church’s lore about devils. They are spirits of corruption, seeking to ensnare mortal souls and turn them away from the right path. They often presented what seemed to be good, useful advice, but over time they would warp and twist that advice to evil. But, Akhna said that devils were easy to deal with it: simply do what you know what is rigth and ignore any outside influence or doubts. He didn’t seem overly concerned and seemed to consider Marayna’s problem more about self-doubt and conflicted feelings, especially given how cryptic she was being. But, when she wanted more reassurance, he offered to request a priest from one of the other churches meet with her and examine her magically to see if there really was something to worry about. Marayna declined, but resolved to ask Morgrymm to use his ability to detect evil on her to see if there might be something to this “devil” idea.

Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City
Senuasday, Springtide 6, 1,743 Z or the 34th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

Eventually, everyone got back to Ivy’s Tavern and went to bed.

Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City
Wyvydsday, Springtide 7, 1,743 Z or the 35th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

The next morning, the party debated what to do, but Ivy was there with some news. The strange dwarf, Eberak, had been in again, asking for the party. As they had requested, she had set up a meeting with him for the following day.

The party also discovered Adriano had left the group. He left a simple note, explaining he felt the rest of the party was wasting their time and that he would work better on his own. He promised to keep the secret of the Frozen Flame and hoped the party would do the same, and he promised to share anything he discovered with the party when they met again.

The Field of Flame and Blood, Canal Market, The New City
Wyvydsday, Springtide 7, 1,743 Z or the 35th Day of Cleansing, 5,892 TY

The party returned to the arena where seeker Koradai was waiting for them. He gave them a sizeable purse, but felt they deserved something more. He realized they had fallen on hard times and brought them down one of the arena’s quartermasters, a dwarven woman named Kedra Nordasdaughter of Clan Icebreaker. She was churlish and grumpy, but she helped equip the party and, when they showed some respect for the quality of her workmanship, she softened a bit.

The party spent the rest of the day shopping and outfitting themselves, putting the money from the arena to good use. But the sum didn’t go quite as far as they wanted and they were now intent on stocking the Chamber of the Frozen Flame so they wouldn’t be crippled if they died again.

Meanwhile, Marayna asked Morgrymm to examine her for evil auras. She didn’t have any.

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