TWtNW: Making Friends in Low Places, Part 5

June 11, 2013

The Crumbling Halls of the Stormshore Ruins

After battling the goblins, the party discovered the goblins’ lair contained a shaft up to the surface. Deciding they needed a rest, anyway, they clambered out of the Undercity and came out in an abandoned warehouse north of Perfumed Row. The party asked for directions to the Vancian College of Wizardry so as to return the items presumably stolen by the goblin wizard.

The Streets of the Canal Market, The New City, Vancia

Following the directions to the University, the party was stopped in the streets near a great arena known as The Field of Flame and Blood by a procession. A powerful, glowering warrior woman in spiked armor was glowering at the crowd from atop a flat-topped carriage being born along by an enspelled manticore. According to a reveler in the crowd, the woman’s name was Zaira, and she was currently one of the gladiator champions of the arena.

Then, the party reached the Vancian College of Wizardry.

The Vancian College of Wizardry, Canal Market, The New City, Vancia

Well-used and somewhat abused green grounds surrounded the strangely lopsided and sagging main building of the College of Wizardry. Though it was the size of a large mansion, it had the careworn, homey look of a cottage about it. Even the two large towers had a ramshackle charm about them. But Jace saw through the powerful illusion that shrouded the building. The mansion was actually quite spartan, the towers strong and stout, like an ancient seaside fortress.

Inside, the party met Assistant Dean Listrella Whisperwind, head of the School of Illusions. She was grateful to the party for turning in the goblin wizard’s spellbook and robes and gave them a few platinum coins by way of reward.

The party decided to seek healing from their battle and then to travel down into the Undercity to hunt down the wanted bugbears. Asking around, they got directions to Forem’s Spire near the arena.

Forem’s Spire, Canal Market, The New City, Vancia

Brother Dastromel, the caretaker of the shrine of Forem, god of battle and heroism, welcomed the party, particularly when they shared stories of their battles in the Undercity. He happily healed the party, but asked the party to sacrifice a trophy won in battle to Forem in thanks. They tossed the silvered starknife they claimed from the goblins into the shrines magical flame.

Bugebear PosterThe Crumbling Halls of the Stormshore Ruins

The party returned to the Undercity and sought out Sivix once more, hoping the former spy could lead them to the bugbears. He agreed to do so and brought the party to the bugbear’s lair. Suddenly, Marayna told the party about the two bugbears, what they were capable of, and how they might be defeated. The party was quite suspicious and asked Marayna how she knew anything about the bugbears. She explained that she had been receiving advice from a voice in her head for some time.

Sivix immediately became agitated, demanding to know where the party had explored in the Undercity and warning them that there were evil spirits about. Marayna defended the voice and Sivix grew terrified, fleeing into the catacombs and leaving the party alone.

The party entered the bugbear’s lair and attempted to seize the element of surprise, but the bugbears proved to be an immense challenge. The larger, more powerful of the two flew into an inimaginable party and laid into the party with abandon. One by one, the heroes fell to the bugebears.

Jace fled, the lone survivor, but the furious bugbear berserker would not let him escape. And so, the party was killed…

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