TWtNW Interlude: Flames of Compassion, Flames of Hatred

June 11, 2013

The Chamber of the Frozen Flame

Marayna, Jace, and Morgrym had been reborn yet again in the Chamber of the Frozen Flame, Marayna and Jace clearly recalling the events of Ayla’s and Toskar’s experiences with the dragon, respectively. But Tahdrugg and Nasri did not return. Instead, two humans were born in their places. Nasri had become Adriano while Tahdrugg had become Terrin. Terrin and Adriano were clearly different people from Nasri and Tahdrugg, but they remembered the experiences of Nasri and Terrin and had some of their memories. In addition, they remembered the events of Jotun’s and Wulfram’s experiences.

The party spent some time resting and recovering and dividing up the meager supplies they had left behind in the Chamber of the Frozen Flame. They discussed the dream of the dragon. They also discussed their fears about Sivix.

Marayna revealed that Sivix was a wererat and Jace agreed that fact explained a great deal about their experiences with him and also why he was afraid of the goblins and their silvered knife. They agreed that Sivix probably knew they had died and would probably discover that they had returned from the dead. The party decided to make repairing their relationship with Sivix a priority.

Jace also revealed that Marayna’s voice had jumped into his head just before the bugbear killed him, taunting him. Marayna admitted the voice had been angry with her as she lost consciousness and died.

The party also decided to make their first priority restocking the Chamber of the Frozen Flame. They had basically been reduced to a few discarded weapons and some loin-clothes and rags. And so, they began the difficult search for the surface again.

The Crumbling Halls of the Stormshore Ruins

As the party searched for a passage to the surface (their maps had been lost with their bodies), the stumbled upon yet another lone adventurer.

The lone, young, dark-skinned Alqadi man was friendly almost at once, though embarassed at the party’s state of scant dress. He identified himself as a missionary of Taiia, the Flame of Salvation. He agreed to lead to the party to surface and brought them to the inn by the Dragon’s Gate where he had been staying.

The Dragon's GateThe Wyvern’s Roost, Dragon’s Gate, The New City, Vancia

Zama Fimir, the Alqadan missionary, brought the party food and got a hold of simple servants’ clothes for them. Then, he explained why he had been wandering the Undercity and why he was being so helpful.

He had been visiting the city for several weeks. A few nights before, he had had a strange dream. He remembered very little of the dream except that there was a triangular symbol with three spirals. He was filled with a burning, consuming desire for that symbol. He had to have it. And that was all he remembered on waking. The symbol and his intense need for it.

Knowing Taiia had been trying to tell him something, he began to wander the city at random until he came upon an entrance to the Undercity in Perfumed Row. He equipped himself to explore the ruins and began searching the catacombs. And when he stumbled on the party, he instantly recognized the symbol on Marayna’s upper arm as the one from his dream.

He assumed Taiia had meant him to rescue Marayna and the party and now that he had done so, he could rest and continue his missionary work in the city. But he and Marayna had already started to build a friendship and agreed to meet again.

Then, the party decided to return to Ivy’s Place.

Outside Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City, Vancia

As the party returned to Ivy’s, they decided to use the back door so as not to catch Ivy surprise, having been lost for nearly six days now and with two new friends to introduce. As they entered the alley to go around back, however, they walked into an altercation.

Kim SymbolHunched on the ground, a red-cloaked man was attempting to protect himself while a City Watchman viciously kicked him in the stomach, daring him to stand up. Morgrymm reacted immediately, tacking the guard and trying to subdue him. But before the rest of the party could act, a magic missile issued from a nearby roof and killed the guard dead under Morgrymm.

A woman drifted down from the roof under the influence of a feather fall spell and Jace recognized her as the sorcererous jester, Savella, who had been performing at Ivy’s last week and whom he had failed to befriend. Of course, she was wearing plain clothes now.

She and the man on the ground, a Redcloak named Taner tried to flee the alley and Marayna, Terrin, and Jace were inclined to let them. But Adriano attacked the woman and Morgrymm backed him up. Adriano fell to Savella’s spells as Taner fled and when Morgrymm tried to subdue the sorcerer, she planted a deadly flaming sphere on Adriano’s body so that he would be burned to death. Ultimately, even though Jace rejoined the party, Savella was able to escape.

Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City, Vancia

When Ivy arrived, she healed Adriano. She was relieved to see Jace, Marayna, and Morgrymm again, but she was sad when the party told her that Nasri had died (and Tahdrugg). However, that quickly turned to fury when she found out what had happened in the alley.

Several minutes later, as the party rested and argued in their attic room over whether they should have gotten involved in the alley or not, Ivy returned. The party apologized to her, but she held no ill will toward them. She was furious at Savella.

Ivy explained that in the days following Barrelgut the halfling’s death, the Red Cloaks had been fracturing. With no leads or information from the City Watch, some extremists were convinced the Watch had killed the halfling and were covering it up. They had taken to baiting and attacking members of the Watch. Meanwhile, the more moderate members, under Ivy and Valiaran, could not keep them under control and they were afraid that the Watch was going to be forced to scour Minstrel’s Ward if Redcloaks kept attacking the Watch.

Ivy explained that, although Savella had always been ambitious and somewhat ruthless, she had not expected the sorcerer to grow so violent. But Savella was becoming a rallying point along with her cronies, Taner and Varenus, for the extremists. And she was dangerously powerful. Ivy and Valiaran would not act directly against Savella for fear of fracturing the Redcloaks further, nor could they turn her over to the City Watch and risk turning Savella into a martyr. At the same time, Savella needed to be taken out. Ivy implied that she could provide the party with directions to Savella’s safe house and that they might be able to work out a way to assassinate Savella without inflaming the situation if they worked together.

The party discussed it after Ivy had left. They remembered that Sivix seemed to have some information about Barrelgut’s murder and wondered if they find a different way to pacify the situation by finding the real culprit. But that would require the party to repair their relationship with the wererat. And, of course, it might give them a connection to the City Watch and allow them to talk to Larialla Firstleaf. The party was still deeply curious as to why they had heard Firstleaf’s name during one of their dreams during death.

But Morgrym was deeply suspicious of Savella and he had been thinking about the situation with the strange mage and wondering if the Golden Chimera wasn’t trying to incite this rebellion on purpose. Unpleasant though it might be, if the party could force Savella to talk before they dealt with her, they might learn something useful.

Of course, the party had plenty of other leads and getting involved in this war, on either side, might prove to be disastrous. They could simply walk away. After all, they have plenty of questions of their own and plenty of things to worry about.

  • They still need to find a reliable route to the Chamber of the Frozen Flame and stock it with supplies in case they should die again.
  • They have not investigated Sivix’s story about a diviner who was asking questions about an ancient dwarven clan symbol from a dream of the destruction of the city
  • They also haven’t made contact with the Delvers, the adventurer’s fraternity devoted to exploring the Undercity
  • There is the question of the dragon dream and Tayan Aloskar’s book and whether the party might learn something important by researching that incident

So, should the party get involved with the Redcloaks and the City Watch in the Minstrels’ Ward? Should they move against Savella, interrogating her and then eliminating her before she sparks a rebellion or should they attempt to solve the murder of Barrelgut and hopefully prove to the Redcloaks that the Watch were not involved as Sivix seemed to suggest. Or should they pursue one of their other leads?

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