TWtNW: Are You Not Entertained? (Part 1)

June 15, 2013

Dramatis Personae

  • Kim as Marayna, Human Monk of the Order of Adami and Faithful of Taiia
  • John as Jace, Human Sorcerer, Gold Dragon Bloodline
  • Paul as Adriano, Human Rogue and Bounty Hunter
  • Ryan as Morgrym, Dwarf Paladin and Forgelighter of Clan Stoneshield
  • Sean as Terrin, Human Cleric of Wyr, Caelwyn God of Tactics, Strategy, and Honorable Warfare

ElementalIvy’s Tavern, Misntrels’ Ward, The New City
Senuasday, Springswax 27, 1,743 Z

The night after the incident with Savella, the party awoke and discussed their plans. They decided not to get involved directly in the Redcloak strife just yet and to focus on making some money to reequip themselves.

In the common room, they discovered that Cambyon, the warrior they had met in the Undercity, was visiting Ivy. He was angry with Ivy for trying to draw the party into the Redcloak chaos. When the party mentioned their need for work, Cambyon offered to introduce Morgrymm and Terrin to a foreman he used to work for on the docks off the Perfumed Row. He also offered to give Jace an introduction to a brewer nearby. Adriano decided to visit the Dragon’s Gate Guard Garrison, while Marayna wanted to go speak to the Taiian Missionary, Zama.

The Wyvern’s Roost, Dragons Gate, The New City
Senuasday, Springswax 27, 1,743 Z

Marayna asked Zama for more details about his strange dream, but he was unable to recall anything other than what he had already shared. He agreed to look into the symbol and see if he could learn more about Marayna’s order, though he said that might take several weeks.

The Church of Saint Dialen the Peacemaker, Minstrels’ Ward, The New City
Senuasday, Springswax 27, 1,743 Z

Marayna spoke to Minister Akhna about the strange voice that had been troubling her. The Minister told her a little bit about devils, infernal fiends that sought to corrupt humanity to gather souls for the Nine Hells. Minister Akhna assured her that, so long as she denied strange voices and did what she knew to be right, she had nothing to fear.

Canal MarketVarious Locations in the New City
Senuasday, Springswax 27 – Ogmiosday, Springtide 5, 1,743 Z

Morgrymm and Terrin earned some coin helping the dock foreman, Kalda Vrell. Jace assisted the brewer Torek Vardrakson of Clan Underpeak. Adriano ran down a few minor bounties. Marayna remained absorbed in quiet contemplation.

Ivy’s Tavern, Misntrels’ Ward, The New City
Senuasday, Springtide 6, 1,743 Z

Morgrym awoke from a strange dream, but for the moment, he decided to keep it to himself. Eventually, he confided the details to Marayna.

After a week of doing simple labor and odd jobs, the party realized they simply could not earn enough money quickly enough to be useful. They debated various courses of action, but ultimately decided to visit the Arena they had seen a few weeks prior to see if they could win some quick coin.

Ivy told them that things were degenerating in the neighborhood. The Redcloak extremists, lead by Savella, had managed to drive the guards out of the neighborhood altogether and the more militant Redcloaks were wandering farther out of the neighborhood to continue pressing at the guards. Without any protection either from the guards or from the vigilante Redcloaks, crime was on the rise. A “flower girl” had been murdered by a violent customer the night before and theft and muggings were on the rise.

Ultimately, Ivy said she had an opportunity to act against Savella and if the party could not help her eliminate the woman, she would have another agent deal with it. The party apologized, but would not accept the job. Ivy understood and did not press the party.

Before the party left, Ivy sought Marayna’s advice about a strange dream she had had. But Marayna chose to keep the dream a secret from the rest of the party for the moment.

ArenaThe Field of Flame and Blood, Canal Market, The New City
Senuasday, Springtide 6, 1,743 Z

The party found that the gladiatorial arena, the Field of Flame of Blood, welcomed new fighters to fight simple exhibition bouts against captured and summoned monsters after the main fights. These simple fights were less popular than the main fights, but allowed new and untested fighters to show their skills as teams or as individuals. The party registered to fight a team match.

One of the arena’s managers, Seeker of Labyrinth Valdos Koradai, explained the basic rules to the party.

After the main fights, a number of smaller fighting pits were opened in the main Arena floor with elaborately sculpted, close quarters terrain. The party would fight three waves of summoned or captured monsters for the delight of whatever fans cared to watch the bout. Because the Arena would be running many concurrent pit fights, their purse would be determined by the crowd they drew.

The fights were not technically lethal and a fighter who took a knee would be protected from the monsters and removed from the fight, but otherwise, the wizard refereeing would not interfere. The party agreed to the terms. Later that night, they returned.

The fight opened in an open pit sculpted to look a quarry or mine with hewn rock faces, multiple levels, and rickety wooden scaffolds and bridges. Marayna and Jace made an immediate impression on the crowd. When three powerful earth elementals were summoned into the arena, Morgrym’s skill in battle also excited the crowd. The party made short work of the elementals. And now, they await the second battle. But what could be next…?

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