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The Calendar of Aerth

June 15, 2013

I’ve made some details about the Calendar of Aerth available in PDF format.

View the Calendars of Aerth PDF

Future recaps will include the date (on the Zethinian calendar) of events as they occur. In order to orient yourselves:

The party born in the Chamber of the Frozen Flame at the start of the campaign on Maedwynsday, Springswax 11, 1,743 Z. Winn died and Jace was born on Dalaghsday, Springswax 15. The party found the surface and met Ivy on Calodyrsday, Springswax 17. The party was killed by bugbears and dreamed of dragons on Wyvydsday, Springswax 21. Finally, the party had a nasty fight with Savella on returning to Ivy’s onSenuasday, Springswax 27.