TWtNW: Making Friends in Low Places, Part 4

May 15, 2013

Making Friends in Low Places Part 1Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrel’s Quarter, The New City, Vancia

The party retreated to Ivy’s attic to discuss their plans for the day. They knew they would be meeting with Valiaran later that evening to break the news about the three dead Redcloaks they had tracked down, but they were injured from their battles. Ivy showed up to heal them, and when the party expressed their gratitude, Ivy asked them to show it by making a donation at the nearby Shrine to Maedwyn. She admitted (somewhat reluctantly) to being a Cleric of Maedwyn.

Thraim’s Alkemy, Perfumed Row, The New City, Vancia

The party visited Thraim’s Alkemy and turned over the spider parts they obtained.

Maedwyn’s Shrine, Minstrel’s Row, The New City, Vancia

The party visited Maedwyn’s shrine and made an offering to the god of beauty, passion, art, music, and love as they promised Larialla they would.

Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrel’s Row, The New City, Vancia

Passing the evening in the tavern while waiting for Alviaran, the party enjoyed a juggling sorcerer’s performance. Jace tried to befriend her, but she turned out to be a bit unfriendly. Seeing Jace shut down, a flower girl approached him. The party learned, through the exchange, that “flower girl” is a euphamism for a prostitute. Specifically, they display or offer sale of red flowers to make themselves available to potential customers.

The party met with Valiaran a bit later on. They told him they’d located the three missing Redcloak adventurers’ remains and turned over their valuables. Valiaran paid them as promised. And then the conversation turned to the Redcloaks, the other organizations in the city, and some trust issues.

Valiaran admitted, coldly, that he didn’t trust the party, as much as he wanted their alliance. They asked too many questions and their questions about Firstleaf made him especially nervous. The party tried to placate him and they were able to pull a lot of basic information about Vancian politics out of him. He basically laid out the identities of the seven arcane organizations that ruled Vancia and their basic motives, as he understood them (all of which is summarized here). Then, he attempted to grill the party about their motives. But the party gave nothing in return.

Eventually, the conversation ended, but the tension was not diffused. Valiaran remained distrustful of the party and there was a sense that a rift had formed between the party and the Redcloaks.

Marayna and Larialla spoke late that night, after the party had gone to bed. Larialla apologized and assured Marayna that they hadn’t done anything wrong. In a show of trust, she told Marayna what the issue was. Inspector Andriella Firstleaf, it turns out, is a Redcloak sympathizer within the City Watch who occasionally passes Valiaran secret information. Valiaran is afraid that the party somehow knew that connection and were going to use it against him. Or her.

Marayna assured Larialla that this was not the case.

Meanwhile, the party decided they would return to Sivix in the Crumbling Halls the next day, as promised, to take out the goblin gang he was so afraid of. They also discussed the Delvers. Based on what they had learned from Valiaran, they worried about the Delvers discovering the passage to the Frozen Flame and felt it might be a good idea to make contact with them and see if they could somehow keep tabs on the adventuring guild. To that end, they decided to keep their comings and goings from the Undercity quite visible.

The Crumbling Halls of The Stormshore Ruins

The party returned to Sivix the next day by way of the Theater Basement Entrance to the Undercity. Sivix was grateful for the gifts Tahdrugg brought him and happily lead them to the lair of the Tunnel Cutter goblin gang. Unfortunately, a booby trap cost the party the element of surprise.

The party battled and defeated the Tunnel Cutters and captured their leader. The leader had no idea who Sivix was or why Sivix was afraid of them, but he otherwise confirmed everything Sivix had told them. The wizard Gulzab, had been a student at the University of Vancia, but had been expelled. He stole a number of items when he fled the University, including a spell book. Otherwise, the gang consisted of the five goblins the party had deal with. They were thieves and burglars who made a living stealing from the merchants of the Perfumed Row. Ultimately, the party let the goblin go, looted the other bodies, and resolved to report the wizard’s death to the University (possibly returning the stolen goods).

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