TWtNW: Making Friends in Low Places, Part 3

April 3, 2013

The Crumbling Halls of The Stormshore Ruins

The party rested and recovered from their battles and explorations in the Crumbling Halls. Then, they resumed the search for giant spiders for Thraim the Alchemist, the bugbear criminals, and the remaining Redcloak agent.

After emerging from the room in which they had barricaded themselves, the party found a mysterious offering left on the floor, apparently for them. A bowl of clean water (though with a sulphurous taste to it) and a small bag of dried, salted meat. The party assumed it was a trap, but nothing happened and Tahdrugg determined neither the meat nor the water was poisoned.

TSpiderWebhe Spiders’ Lair, The Crumbling Halls of the Stormshore Ruins

The party eventually stumbled into some large spider webs and began following the webs through the catacombs. They came into a heavily occupied nest of giant spiders. They penetrated deep into the lair, collecting spinerrettes and poison glands from the larger specimens. Soon, they encounter a particular huge spider, apparently some sort of matriarch. They slew her, but they came out of the encounter badly wounded. Tahdrugg failed to recover the spinerets and poison glands properly from the spider queen.

Inside one of the spiders’ coccoons, the party found the dessicated corpse of a gray elf woman. They retrieved her possessions, including a moonstone pendant, assuming her to be Avrioni Moonrose of the Redcloaks.

The Crumbling Halls of The Stormshore Ruins

As the party emerged from the spiders’ halls, seeking out another place to rest, they found themselves facing the business end of a crossbow. The strange, pockmarked man they had encountered the day before who had disappeared had tracked them down. However, after a bit of parley, it became clear he had no interest in hurting the party now that he had determined they hadn’t been sent after him. On the contrary, he wanted the party’s help.

The party and the strange man, Sivix, retreated to a side room and spiked the door so they could talk and rest. He revealed that he had served as a spy for a wizarding organization called the Chimera. But they thought he had spilled their secrets to someone else. He escaped into the catacombs and spends most of his time hiding in the undercity. But he still wanders up to the surface and says that he can get almost anywhere in the city unseen and listen to just about anyone unnoticed.

Sivix was happy to taunt the party with his knowledge, dropping hints about goings on above. Of particular note, he mentioned that a group called the Diviners was convinced the city was doomed and they were running around the dwarven neighborhood asking about ancient clan symbols.

However, Sivix kept all details about himself a secret.

Sivix assumed the party was just a group of treasure hunters. He admitted he had a problem with a gang of surface goblins that were living down here and using the catacombs to move around the neighborhood robbing people. He seemed afraid to confront the goblins himself and said one of them knew the secret to hurting him. To sweeten the deal, he also told the party that one of the goblins was a refugee from some University and that they would be happy to know he had been dealt with.

The party, realizing they were lost with no way out of the catacombs, badly injured, and very short on water, agreed to help with the goblin gang. But they wanted Sivix to lead them to a safe exit from the catacombs and also to lead them to the bugbears’ den. They intended to rest, resupply, and return to deal with the bugbears and goblins.

Sivix agreed, but he insisted on scouting ahead alone and seemed very secretive about the whole thing. He left the party alone, scouted the path, and then returned to lead them quickly through the halls. As he lead them to a shaft that lead back to the surface, he mentioned that the party should be careful on the streets above. Apparently, a halfling had been murdered the night before and people were very angry with the City Guard. But Sivix doubted it was the Watch’s fault. He implied that he somehow knew the halfling had been mauled by an animal. Of course, he pointed out, that no one in the neighborhood was going to believe anything the City Watch said about the crime.

Sivix’s exit lead the party into the cellar of a small theater near Ivy’s Tavern, conventiently enough. The back stairs from the cellar lead directly out into the alley behind Ivy’s.

Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Quarter, The New City, Vancia

The party returned, battered and bruised, to Ivy’s Tavern. There, they told the landlady that they had found the remains of the other two Recloaks. Ivy agreed to set up a meeting with Valiaran Whiteflower, but then she asked to be left alone and seemed to be very upset by the party’s news.

The party decided to spend the rest of the day recovering from their injuries.

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