TWtNW: Making Friends in Low Places, Part 2

April 2, 2013

Making Friends in Low Places Part 1Ivy’s Tavern, Minstrels’ Quarter, The New City, Vancia

The party awakened the next day in Ivy’s attic and prepared to return to The Crumbling Halls using an entrance that Ivy had mentioned beneath Thraim’s Alkemy shop. Before they set out, they found Ivy already up and packing them meals to take along on their trip.

The sad song she was singing during her morning chores seemed to affect Tahdrugg.

The Streets of Minstrels’ Quarter, The New City, Vancia

As the party took to the streets, they spied a procession of City Watch soldiers escorting a bound human woman in a plain peasant’s dress down the street. The crowd on the street was quite ugly, shouting taunts and throwing bits of trash at the guards, but the soldiers stoically ignored the people and passed from sight.

Asking around, a few of the folks in the crowd mentioned that they thought the woman was a flower girl from a few streets over and that the guard were probably taking her to the Dragon’s Gate Garrison. No one seemed sure what she might have been arrested for.

Thraim’s Alkemy, Perfumed Row, The New City, Vancia

Thraim agreed to let the party use his backalley entrance into the catacombs, a narrow shaft that had been paved over. He used a rope and pulley to lift a large flagstone covering the shaft, but explained the party would be unable to open it from underneath. The party avoided some dangerous magical sludge that had gathered in the tunnel and made their way into the catacombs proper.

The Crumbling Halls of The Stormshore Ruins

The party reentered the dwarven halls and began to explore slowly, mapping their path as they went.

Tahdrugg revealed to the party that Ivy’s song had stirred a strange memory or vision in him. He had been a human, watching a mass funeral and a gray elf chanter was singing the same song. He knew he had failed to save the people from something. A soldier approached and offered him the chance to join with them to avenge the deaths. Tahdrugg could not explain the vision, but it had stirred deep emotions in him.

The party found an ancient dwarven forge filled with rusted, useless tools and centuries-old debris that looked undisturbed. It was the first room they had found that hadn’t been picked clean by looters. But they were run off when a tormented dwarven poltergeist attacked. Morgrymm resolved to someday return and set the tortured dwarven spirit.

As Nasri scouted an occupied old storage room, he was ambushed by a pockmarked and dirty human bandit. The party got into a scuffle with the strange man, who seemed not to bleed when he was stabbed or cut. As the party attempted to subdue the stranger, he vanished right out of his clothing as if he had teleported away. The party argued briefly about whether to leave the strange man’s possessions, but ultimately Marayna stood firm against Morgrym and demanded the party leave his property behind. Which they did.

Gel CubeThe party found a great underground saltwater lake that had once apparently been a gathering place or underground park for the Stormshore Dwarves.

Eventually, the party was ambushed by a gelatinous cube. They destroyed the cube and found, nearby, the remains of a halfling skeleton that had been stripped clean. The party collected the halfling’s notched coin (apparently some sort of lucky charm) and assumed they had found Alviaran Whiteflower’s friend Jalli of the Redcloaks.

Spent after numerous battles, the party barricaded themselves in a side room and went to sleep.

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