The Hearts of Cormyr

March 31, 2013

A Pregenerated Group of 3rd Level PCs

The Hearts of Cormyr

Despite being incredibly busy with work (I’m an accountant, it is tax time in the United States, I will say no more), I have been trying to playtest a few ideas for D&D 4E combat that I had been working on just before the D&D Next news hit. Yes, it has been a while. So, I needed to make a simple party of PCs to try out some ideas and then to eventually hand to a group of players to pit them against some challenges and see how things went. For simplicity, I decided to focus on Essentials material only. After a game of Dungeon Command with my cousin in which he fielded the Heart of Cormyr warband (he’s a player, so he always likes to play the heroes), I thought it would be a fun activity to build to the mini set. As I was working through it, I found myself building a little story about a pair of dwarven brothers, reuniting after going their separate ways and building a party of outsider heroes to face adventures in the wilds. So, I wrote up the story as I made the characters.

Long story short: if you need a group of pregenerated, simple heroes for a third level game with a fun story already linked to miniatures, here you are. Links to the character sheets are at the bottom.

The Hearts of Cormyr

Osrik Redhammer, given over to wanderlust, left his dwarven homeland in the Cloud Peaks while his more conservative brother, Darrak, trained as a defender of the clan. Osrik eventually found his way to Cormyr where he discovered the druids of Silvanus. He became a devoted cleric of the god of the wilds, bringing Silvanus’ storm-fueled vengeance down upon those who live by pillage and destruction.

Osrik found a staunch ally in the wandering elven hunter, Carric Althon, the two allied frequently against any threat to the sanctity of the natural world around Cormyr. The two are loners by nature, but they respect one another’s boundaries and have built a comfortable, if distant, friendship in their devotion to the preservation of life against the wicked,

Hadarai Vastrienne was the son of a prominent eladrin wizard in Suzail, but, against his family’s wishes, his noble heart drove him to join the War Wizards of Cormyr to protect his homeland. Hadarai desires to prove himself as a spellcaster and as a hero and to earn his parents’ and siblings’ respect. But the eladrin is young and inexperienced and his time among the War Wizards has made him impatient, even rash. He has been seeking quests and missions to distinguish himself. While tracking a necromancer with possible ties to Thay, he met Carric and Osrik, who had been fighting the evil wizards’ undead. The three allied to eliminate the necromancer. From that point forward, Hadarai often sought the assistance of the dwarf and the elf when his work took him beyond the walls of Suzail.

Darrak Redhammer remained loyal to dwarven tradition and to Moradin, and he couldn’t help but resent his brother’s path. But when a letter arrived from Osrik beseeching Darrak to come to Cormyr and join the priest of Silvanus in their fight against greater evils, Darrak’s desire to reuinite with his brother and devotion to good came to the fore and he made the journey.

Along the way, a half-orc refugee named Karash attempted to rob Darrak. Darrak bested the half-orc, but, always willing to temper justice with mercy, he took pity on the impoverished thug. Darrak gave the half-orc a chance to redeem himself and the half-orc joined Darrak. Though not particularly good-hearted, Karash has been true to his word and the two developed an alliance that is slowly growing into a friendship.

Karash had been an enforcer working for a Guild-allied crime boss in Baldur’s Gate. But when a job went wrong and Karash was robbed during a collection assignment, his boss believed Karash had betrayed him and stolen the money. Karash found himself an enemy of the Baldur’s Gate thieves guild and, when his target, a minor merchant lord, turned up dead, he was also framed for the murder. Karash has been on the run ever since. Darrak’s mercy and protection were too much for the half-orc to refuse.

Darrak’s and Osrik’s reuinion has been difficult. Darrak has grown more traditional and conservative and Osrik has left behind much of his heritage in favor of becoming a wild avenger of the natural world. Carric and Karash can barely mask their contempt for each other, and even Osrik mistrusts the half-orc. No one, not even Darrak, knows that Karash is hunted by his former guildmates. And while the War Wizard’s recent successes have lead his superiors to trust him and his unlikely allies with more work, his rash ambition and drive for respect and approval often override his wisdom and may lead the party to disaster.

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One Response to The Hearts of Cormyr

  1. The Angry DM on March 31, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Personally, I don’t like to lock people into gender choices when I offer pregens. I usually leave those personal details blank unless they specifically affect the character’s backstory in some way. None of these characters have anything in their backstory that leans toward one gender or another. I was just trying to match up the miniatures in the set. If you prefer, I suggest the following miniature replacements if you need to swap some genders.

    Use the Autumn Wind Ranger from Demonweb for Chaedi Althon, Female Elf Hunter

    Use the Dwarf Shieldmaiden from Dungeons of Dread for Diesa Redhammer, Female Dwarf Knight or for Katrha Redhammer, Female Dwarf Warpriest of Sylvanus

    Use the Female Eladrin Wizard from PHB Heroes for Hanali Vastrienne, Female Eladrin Mage

    As for the half-orc thief… I’ll be honest, I don’t know of a good miniature in the D&D line for Jura, Female Half-Orc Thief. Feel free to post any suggestions.

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