Table Tales 2: Customizing for Your Party

November 26, 2012

Angry: The Slippery Demon Pudding ignores Ragnar completely; it reaches out with a pulsating pseudopod shrouded in yellow-black smoke and slams Baramos with tremendous force. [roll] The creature hits…
Smartass: Wait… I get to make a basic melee attack. The pudding is marked and its not including me in the attack.
Angry: Not in this case. Baramos’ eyes sting from the sulphorous fumes. He…
Smartass: Why don’t I get to make an attack?
Angry: The creature has a trait that overrides your mark in this case.
Smartass: What trait is that?
Angry: Here, take a look. Its listed under the trait “Screw Ragnar”
Smartass: This says: ‘The Slippery Demon Pudding ignores Ragnar’s mark and Ragnar is not allowed to make a free attack as a result of the pudding making an attack that does not include him as a target.’
Angry: See?
Whiny: Let me see that… what the hell? ‘Resist 10/all of Karrin’s attacks’
Angry: You guys are always complaining that I don’t write stories that specifically involve your characters. Well, there you go.
Whiny: ‘Attack +12 vs. AC, Hit: Baramos dies’?!
Angry: Yep. Oh right… thanks. The attack hits. Baramos’ eyes sting from the sulphorous fumes. Then he dies.


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  1. Greg on June 21, 2014 at 1:16 am

    I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Props!

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