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The D&D Boss Fight (Part 3)

August 7, 2010

Bloody Bloodknuckles (Stage 3)

As noted, Bloodknuckles is now exhausted. His speed, finesse, and cunning are all gone. The best he can manage is just to wildly swing his club around and pound on people. The party should feel like they are winning at this point.

Bloodknuckles Stage 3 Stat BlockSpeed

The first thing to notice is that I actually changed Bloodknuckles’ speed to show that he is slowing down. He’s tired and the party is winning. Bloodknuckles is on the ropes and it shows.


The third stage of any boss monster is always bloodied. There are a variety of things the PCs have access to that rely on being bloodied and it is important that they get to come out now.

Bloodknuckles is no longer immovable. This again emphasizes that he’s exhausted and the party is winning. While he still has a few surprises in store, the party should feel like they have the upper hand.

Standard Actions

It’s no accident that Bloodknuckles has lost his double attack power. Again, he’s exhausted. But, while it was important to show his exhaustion, it is also important not to hamstring him. So, he has a nice area attack that lets him still hit several targets. I also gave him a daze attack here for the same reason.

Stumble Forward is an interesting power because, again, it shows exhaustion. Basically, I see Bloodknuckles warming up for a charge and discovering he just doesn’t have it in him, so he falls forward, literally on top of the party. He ends up flat on his face, the party ends up shoved out of the way. And, if the party has been paying attention, they will realize that he is now prone and set up to Flail Around.

Triggered Actions

It is still important to have the immediate action, but this one lacks any sort of grace and finesse. Bloodknuckles can’t sidestep and do his fancy takedown anymore. All he can do is club someone when they hit him.

Final Lurch is a death throe power. I like the idea of a boss monster doing that one last little bit of damage. And I had already written in a way for Bloodknuckles to do a belly flop onto the party. One more can’t hurt. Well, actually, it will hurt.

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