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The D&D Boss Fight (Part 3)

August 7, 2010

Furious Bloodknuckles (Stage 2)

In stage 1, Bloodknuckles is fairly immobile. He probably stays pretty close to the party’s melee line, throwing them around with abandon and stomping them into the ground. In stage 2, I wanted to shift his tactics but I also wanted to shift his attention. He’s been pounding on the melee line for a bit. It’s time to give him a way to spread himself out and make him a little harder to keep in one place.

Bloodknuckles Stage 2 Stat BlockTraits

The addition of Furious Momentum is a tactical incentive. It requires Bloodknuckles to move around before attacking each round, forcing him to spread his attacks out and chase people all over the battlefield. A DM who doesn’t take advantage of it is leaving damage on the table. This is actually an important trick in monster design in general if you intend anyone other than you to run the monster. Just as an Avenger has powers that create an incentive to isolate a certain creature, monsters can have powers that give the DM an incentive to adopt certain tactics. While Bloodknuckles’ powers haven’t changed a great deal in stage 2, his tactics have, and this trait emphasizes it.

Standard Actions

Bloodknuckles is now less pushy. He is charging around the battlefield with abandon and doesn’t need to rely as heavily on forced movement. His Rampage power keeps him moving and makes him difficult to hold in one spot and the requirement that he target three different creatures ensures he is spreading his love around.

Minor Actions

Just a quick note that I’ve increased the push by 1 square to work better with Rampage.

Triggered Actions

Wild Swing is the stage transition power to stage 3. Again, it disengages him by guaranteeing that anyone nearby gets shoved and it again fills the role of an encounter power. It also telegraphs his final set of tactics.

In this stage, Bloodknuckles is hard to keep up with. His speed and mobility force the party melee fighters to chase him around, limiting what they can do and opening them up to opportunity attacks. But this can’t last forever. Bloodknuckles is an ogre, but he’s not inexhaustible. As he enters the final stage, he begins to flag.

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