Thy Game-Mastering Commandments

January 20, 2014
For DMs

The start of the New Year is traditionally a time to reflect on your shortcomings and failures and to resolve to improve yourself. As such, I generally spend the start of the New Year playing video games. Self-improvement is...
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Help! My Players are Talking to Things!

August 5, 2013
For DMs

Well, here we are again with another installment of “Getting the Most Out of Your Skill System.” Now that I’ve taught you how to handle basic actions and we’ve looked at the basics of encounters and how to build good...
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How to Build F$&%ing Awesome Encounters!

July 23, 2013
The D&D Boss Fight

Welcome to the fourth part in my ongoing series: Getting the Most Out of Your Skill System. In the last part (Four Things You’ve Never Heard of That Make Encounters Not Suck), I told you all about four things...
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Popcorn Initiative: A Great Way to Adjust D&D and Pathfinder Initiative with a Stupid Name

September 13, 2013
Setting the PCs Up to Fail

All right, kiddos, I am breaking from my usual game of writing thousands and thousands of words tell you how to run a game in exhausting detail (deliberate word choice, don’t correct me). Instead, I’m going to throw a...
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The Hearts of Cormyr

March 31, 2013
The Hearts of Cormyr

Despite being incredibly busy with work (I’m an accountant, it is tax time in the United States, I will say no more), I have been trying to playtest a few ideas for D&D 4E combat that I had been...
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D&D Idea: Oh Christmas Treant

November 29, 2012
Christmas Treant

Now, all the hobbits in Hobbitville liked Yuletide a lot; But the druid who lived just north of Hobbitville did not. He cursed the fool halflings and the whole stupid season; And if anyone asked, he’d tell them the...
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